Hello everyone! I find it SO cool and fitting that this is week 20 of The Stiicky Eddie Podcast and I am chatting with Tim McCarthy of 20Timinutes! 

***Disclaimer: this episode touches on severe depression and suicide. Please be aware of this if you are someone for whom these are sensitive topics.***

Tim McCarthy is a mental health awareness warrior, to say the least. He talks so candidly about his personal experience with assorted diagnoses and severe depression, which almost caused him to end his life. Thankfully, he was finally able to get the help and professional support he needed to improve his mental state- and subsequently become a full-fledged advocate for improving how loved ones and society at large treat and support those who suffer.  

Aside from his intense personal journey, Tim is extremely witty and intelligent- and his offbeat humor makes him not only a riveting guest, but a very relatable champion of mental health. 

If you or someone you know is in need of help, you can check out the 20Timinutes website for some extremely valuable resources here: Resources – 20TIMinutes 


Thank you so much for your continued support of The Stiicky Eddie Podcast! Mental health and addiction are two topics which are very close to my heart, as so often they go hand-in-hand. September is both Suicide Prevention Month and National Recovery Month. In honor of this, I encourage you all to touch base with your friends and family- make sure everyone is doing okay and really listen for the answer. Sometimes a phone call or text, simply reaching out, can save someone's life. 


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Until next week, I wish you all peace-be well!

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